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So you wanna be a rock star ? Dr. Hasson 5761 grafts FUT/ 1 session


This musician from Calgary came to visit us based on a recommendation from an acquaintance. Dr. Hasson was able to harvest 5761 grafts to address his extensive hair loss in one session. He had 1344 single hair grafts, 4024 doubles and 393 3-4 hair units. Strip size was 30cm x 1.5-2cm. Above average donor hair with average hair caliber. He started topical Finasteride at the time of surgery.

These photos sent in by the patient were 8 months post-op. As you can imagine he is very pleased so far with the result and this bass player/singer once again looks the part. He will be making a trip out to Vancouver this summer where we plan to take photos and video. We will update his case in the coming months.

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Amazing, classic H&W.