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SMP and FUE in a single procedure?

Prohairclinic is probably the first hair transplantation clinic in Europe (possibly worldwide) to incorporate both FUE and SMP into a single treatment.

This patient wanted to have a nice looking hair restoration covering the entire balding head.

However it would take too many grafts to accomplish all in one single FUE treatment.

Therefore we offered to treat zone 1-2-3 using 3000 grafts over a 2 day Period.

Each day we performed 1500 grafts, which usually finishes at around 15:00 at our clinic, after which an SMP session was performed for the crown area (zone 4).

The patient has many options for the future:

  • More FUE hair transplants to cover zone 4
  • Keep his hair short
  • Perform additional SMP into the transplanted area’s to add more illusion of density.

About Prohairclinic :
Europe first FUE only clinic since 2004
Manual extraction procedure, manual implantation. Our aim is quality, not speed.
One of the first clinics worldwide to offer HD video of before and after results
First hair restoration clinic in Europe to offer safe alternative to Finasteride
On of the First Hair restoration clinic in Europe that is using Tricopigmentation for ‘shaven look’ or density enhancement
Located at the heart of Europe we are very easy to reach by car, train or plane
Most main languages are spoken : English, French, German, Dutch

How often does he need to touch up the crown? How much is the cost for 1 SMP treatment?

Please find price information :

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