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Smoking has no effect on your hair


it may give you lung cancer and all kinds of other illnesses.

but the one thing it won’t make you is bald.

so light one up in celebration…

Above: Both twins smoked, however, the one on the right smoked for 14 years longer, as seen by more facial wrinkles)

Researchers scouted for twins at the annual Twin Days Festival, in Twinsburg, Ohio, to find pairs in which one twin smoked and the other didn’t, or both smoked, but with a five-year difference between initiation. They found 79 twins, of whom 57 were women, altogether with an average age of 48 years old. Close-up photos of each participants face were shown to a group of plastic surgeons, who had no knowledge of each participants’ smoking history. They were told to point out “specific components of facial aging” that were related to smoking, and 57 percent of the time, they were able to spot the smoking twin.


" 57 percent of the time, they [plastic surgeons] were able to spot the smoking twin."

Interesting that 43 percent of the time, plastic surgeons couldn’t spot the smoking twin.

The article doesn’t say if that’s because there was no difference between the smoking and non smoking twins, or if as many as 43 percent of the smokers looked younger than their twins!


i’m surprised how little effect smoking has on a person’s appearance.