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Skalp® Paul Connoly Scalp Micro Pigmentation Result


Hello Everyone,

Here is a video testimonial we did of Best selling author Paul Connoly.

The video was shot by an award winning videographer.

We hope you like the results.

Paul’s Video

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How permanent is this, how long does it last before I need to touch up again? Feels like if I ask this question 10 times I get 10 different answers, do different clinics use different inks and that’s why I never get consistent answers?


The truth is it varies from person to person, on average clients come back for a touch-up after 3-4 years, some clients like it when it lightens and some like it dark, its a personal preference, a touch-up is not the whole treatment again, it will be an hour or 2 to sprinkle over the treatment to give it some fresh pigment, Once clients get a new hairline and the look of a shaved head a touch-up is the last thing on their mind.