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Site issues?


Anyone else having trouble seeing all the posts? I can’t see the icon at the end of titles that let you see all the posts in a thread. Weird.


…at the moment I have to click on each post individually.


I believe you are talking about BOARD view where all the posts appear on 1 page? We will fix that ASAP. Sorry about that.


Hairdar, if you go to your username link near the top right hand side of your screen, click there and look for EDIT USER DATA near the bottom of the page.

Choose BOARD view and you should be able to see all posts together on 1 page.

Let me know if you run into any problems.


Thanks Hairsite, I changed it to board view and went back in to change it back to thread view and the icon is back :slight_smile:







There seems to be a bug on this thread where there is an “invisible box” covering up the “post reply” option.

Thanks Hairsite.