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Simply delay your hair transplant - naturally (DIY)


Dear readers,
Our ongoing research has shown

  1. The present-day generation is suffering from hairloss at a much younger age (10 to 20 years earlier), then their grandparents
  2. Most people have no knowledge of the ingredients - whether they are toxic and how much the government permissible limit of any of the toxins are.

Further research shows how toxic chemicals have been included by various MNCs in more than 80 daily care products including lipstick, soap, shampoos, toothpaste, eyeliner etc.

Me and my staff will help you identify the toxins and, should you want, make your own toxin free products at home, with all the required equipment, recipes and elucidating which of these products will suit which type of hair and skin condition.

Dr. A

P.S. - think of this as a natural and economical way to give yourself the advantage that your grandparents had. These products will not grow new hair.


Today we show you how to make toxin free soap for OILY hair and skin (also helpful in mitigating dandruff, acne, etc)
This is NOT for delicate or dry skin/hair.
That will be in next video