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Shock Loss and Shaving with HM


Phase one trials were conducted on largely slick - bald individuals.

Shock loss of existing hair in injection recipient sites would not be a consideration, nor would functional shaving of the recipient area be needed in phase one to administer the injections since phase one subjects were already bald. (Shaving was done in phase one to document growth and apply tatoo)

But what about phase two and the future? Most potential patients will not be slick bald in these phases of testing, nor in the potential customer base in the future.

If thinning hair subjects (not slick bald individuals) were injected in phase two, what were the cosmetic implications of the TRC administration protocol on “thinning” subjects? What was resulting effect of high volume injections on existing hair? Did shock loss occur? Would that explain the before and after pictures posted yesterday that did not depict “all” pre-existing hair in the after shot? Was the 66% increase of hairs a NET effect, meaning perhaps 100 new grew, but 34 existing hairs (on average) shed permanently (or temporarily) due to injection shock loss? I’m being hypothetical and inquisitive - not assuming it’s so.

Will the TRC injections cause permanent or temporary shock loss of existing hair since a needle is used as happens in standard HT’s? Do we know if recipient sites need to be shaved to administer the injections?

Bosley’s and MHR’s existing clientele and HT patients in general are going to be part of the initial customer base. Bosley/MHR would need to know in advance if ICX TRC test subjects that were previously HT patients needed to shave off their hair to get the TRC injections performed FUNCTIONALLY in the thin/bald areas of vertex, midscalp and hairline areas, and also if shock loss was caused by the TRC protocol.

Not trying to scare anyone - just looking for feedback from informed sources.

I too want this to succeed and want it made available as soon as possible.


How do you know that?

» Phase one trials were conducted on largely slick - bald individuals.


If your question is whether or not the injections will cause shock loss, I doubt it. Shock loss is usually seen in transplant patients. My guess is that the epinephrine in the anesthetic injections causese the shock loss. It is added to the anesthetic because it restricts blood vessels and provides a better field of view for the surgeon without unecessary bleeding from the donor and recipient sites.


You are going to be given a full head of hair that will never fall out,you will never have to use meds or lotions again,you will never have to undergo barbaric surgical procedures again & you are worried about having to shave your head for this life changing procedure?
I wish I had your problems.