Shisheido approval for DSC hair multiplication

Some very exciting news here. Shisheido will start treating patients with DSC multiplication therapy starting in just a few days.

modest results…nothing new, just new minoxidil.

Completely different mechanism than Minoxidil and it’s the first real cell based therapy. Clinical trails said repeated applications yielded better results. Modest results were from a single application.

It is the first time an in vitro cell therapy is being utilized for hair loss. I’d expect a bit more enthusiasm than that. Time will tell what kind of results will be achievable but if they are going to market with it, that to me says it is a viable product.

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For now, you should only expect existing scalp hair thickening and perhaps minimal hair regrowth if you are lucky. IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

“For now” is quite precisely the point. This is a stepping stone to improving this technique by actually trying it on real humans outside of the controlled clinical environment. There is a good chance that tweeking the protocol can greatly improve the results.

Agreed. This is a major development. As the treatment protocol improves, it’s very likely that results will be significant better.

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