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Second procedure - FUT or FUE


Hey guys,

I’m considering a second cosmetic procedure and would be grateful for any advice anyone has.

I’m currently 30, first started experiencing hair loss at around 20, and had my first FUT procedure at Bosleys in New York in 2010.

During this procedure I had 1,500 grafts and I still have the scar in the back. The scar is only a few mm in width and I can hide it with a 3mm trim from the barber.

My first question is whether I should have another FUT or go for an FUE? I have done some reading that suggests a second FUT is ideal, and I would like to absorb the first scar and maintain the same type of scar following my procedure, but not sure if the scar from a second FUT is usually larger or smaller considering the less elasticity of the skin?

Does anyone know, or suggest a surgeon, who has a good reputation with minimising scars for FUT procedures?

I am currently living in Vietnam and considering travelling back to America for another Bosleys procedure, but would be open to another clinic in Europe if anyone has any suggestions?

Appreciate all the help and support.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Can you post some photos? The thing is that with another FUT, you will still be living with a strip scar for the rest of your life.


I don’t believe a second strip procedure is likely to enlarge the scar, if handled by the right doctor. As far as elasticity is concerned, it would be wise to start scalp stretching exercises at least a few months before the procedure. I have had four strips with four different doctors - the last was with Jerry Wong, who very skillfully extracted a strip that healed with fantastic speed and without lingering pain like I had with the others. I can’t speak to my scars because I have never cut my hair that short.


There is such as thing as a tricophytic closure and it improves the appearance of scars in strip procedures.