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Second failed transplant, causes?

In 2017 i had a 2200 grafts transplant just to cover the frontal area. After 7 months i noticed the transplants were falling out. It was horrible and stressful. I figured it had something to do with the clinic.

I finally had the guts to have another transplant, thus time for 1300 grafts to make up for the failed first one. I offcourse had another very reputable surgeon. After 5 or 6 months i had some decent growth. Noe its getting worse again, much to my disstress. It seems like grafts are rejected after grown a bit. I am very worried as you can imagine. What can be the cause? I eat healthy, i may have to much stress in my life, can that be the whole story?

Immune response, the body can reject the transplants.

Make sure you consult the best and well renowned hair transplant center. Since this is your second chance you wouldn’t like to take any risk. I know some of the amazing hair transplant specialists and hair transplant centers who are famous for their positive results.

Could be excess scar tissue formation from first transplant at certain depths. When new hairs are inserted it may need to break through old scar tissue and that scar tissue may be compromised. It is terrible to be going through this no doubt. The industry needs monitoring by the FDA and FTC medical bodies more and more. Hope you get out of this mess. Best of luck with everything