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Searching news about Acell I found this


" Dear Stephen,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am a colleague of Dr. Stephen Badylak and I
am helping him deal with the massive influx of inquiries following the
recent publicity on the use of extracellular matrix
(ECM) to facilitate the regeneration of a finger tip.
ECM has been used extensively; it is estimated that 1,500,000 patients
have been treated with some form of ECM. The predominate form of ECM
is sheet material, and some of the most prevalent applications are
hernia repair, treatment of pressure ulcers, and orthopaedic
procedures, such as rotator cuff, etc.
The powdered form use in the fingertip regeneration is strictly
experimental and has only been used on two patients.
It should be noted that the two success stories to date involved the
loss of the fingertip-above the first knuckle, and the nail bed was
not destroyed. We have no expectations that the current ECM
technology can regenerate joints (knuckles) or nail beds. We have no
relevant experience on the treatment of scar using ECM.
Dr. Badylak is investigating other applications of ECM, but the most
advanced research that I am aware of on the mitigation of scar is
being done by Intercytex in England; see http://www.intercytex.com/
and look at their Valveta video.
I hope this introduction helps and thank you for your interest.
The best place to follow developments in this area is on our web site
at www.mirm.pitt.edu

John N. Murphy
Executive Director-McGowan Institute & Research Professor-Chemical
Phone: 412-235-5155
Fax: 412-235-5290
Email: jmurphy@pitt.edu



Great find. Interesting about Intercytex. I live in Pittsburgh (where that guy lives). Maybe I’ll call him this week to see if he has any more info for us.

Take Care,