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Scientists get closer to 3-d printed organs

It’s still a long way off but they are getting closer.

And what does this have to do with hair transplants?

Did I post the article in the hair transplant section. If I did then that was an error because I intended to post it in the hair multiplication section.

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There was some buzz a few years ago about some lab being able to grow human skin complete with hair follicles. I think that’s the ticket-if they can find a way to grow organs-like skin, then we’d have an endless supply of our own donor hair.

I’m nearing 50 so I hope they come up with something soon. I’m not keen on hair transplantation but it might be the only viable option till something better comes along. I suspect I’ll be too old to benefit when they have the ‘real cure.’

They say beauty is wasted on the young…how true that is. If I had the intelligence and confidence I have now when I was younger I would’ve been ten times more successful with the ladies-esp when I had my long thick wavy hair. Then I would’ve snagged the woman of my dreams and probably wouldn’t have cared about keeping my hair once that was done.

Since I didn’t make better choices in my youth, now I’m counting on technology to make me look younger again to get a second chance at those options.

The stem cells are then loaded into the 3D printer as “ink” and injected into the precise spot, making the organ functional.
Over the next 2-3 years, researchers want to build a bioprinted pancreas, as well as a kidney in 5-6 years. The researchers will first determine if animals can survive with bioprinted organs, and clinical trials might begin in 5-10 years.
The organ is then scanned with lasers in a microscope, allowing researchers to capture the whole structure, including the blood vessels and each and every cell in its precise location. Researchers use this plan to print out the organ’s scaffolding.
I think the researches comes out with the great success. Technology increased day by day

I think we’re still pretty far away from 3D printing of skin plus hair follicles. Skin + hair follicles aren’t a single organ, they are two separate organs, skin and hair follicles. The hair follicle is a very complex organ by itself and is much more complicated than the organ of skin.

Sure, lots of researchers are working on creating various types of bioengineered skin, but just because you can bioengineer skin doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get hair follicles with the skin. Skin is relatively simple to grow in a lab. Hair follicles require a completely different level of complexity.

Anyway, except for burn patients, balding people don’t need new skin on their heads, they just need new working follicles. Stemson Therapeutics currently has the most advanced research that aims at building new follicles which can be implanted in the existing skin.

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