Scientists find skin cells at the root of balding, gray hair

Could it be the breakthrough we have been waiting for?

Would it be enough to inject this protein in the scalp?

Theoretically, I think that might work, but the problem is synthesizing the protein in vitro (outside of the body). If it’s a big protein, that would be hard. Dr. Lu suggested that gene therapy could be used by putting the gene that makes this protein inside the cells (injecting it or using cells as vectors)… But gene therapy is highly regulated and would take a looooong time to be approved by the FDA, especially because it’s a cosmetic treatment.

I think, it would be a lot more reasonable to try to manufacture this protein outside the body and than deliver it into the scalp at this moment in time.
Maybe even in ointment form??
You are right to say, any gene therapy would take years to be approved.
What do we know about this protein? Can we get some laboratory to manufacture it??

Exciting discovery except that it looks like it is another mouse study.

It could be synthesized in a lab if it has been sequenced.

Here’s a video which says a little about the protein… apparently not much is known yet.

And at this moment only Dr. Lu Le can sequence that.