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Scar tissue from transplants and HM. Bad combination?


Surgeons believe in a one pass result when they adrress a hairloss area (crown or hairline and vertex)…that is for the formation of scar tissue on the recipient which might jeopardise the growth of future surgeries over the same area.It has a lot to do with blood circulation etc.

to quote Pats on a thread about scar tissue and Hair transpants (i hope he doesnt mind)
Scar tissue can be an issue when having a 2nd procedure in the same area. Dr. Armani believes in going into the zone 1 time and finishing that are with the first pass for that very reason.

I am afraid that if and when a from HM will be available, scar tissue formed from past surgeries might have an impact on its outcome. ICx is working on proto-hairs for example…given the nature of transplants and the scar tissue created on the recipient area dont you think that IF the near future brings more donor having a transplant now can jeopardize a future outcome?

Could we get an interview or this question asked to these researchers, i know that being affiliated with Bosley is hard to get a straight answer but its a big question and i personally i am very interested to know the answer.


Well I don’t know if that’s always the case. There are many patients who had many small strip surgeries back in the day, to now get HT’s by doctors like Armani and H&W and still get good results. I see your point and it might be a concern, but I don’t know if the issue would turn out to be that critical. Even in scar tissue, you can regrow hair if it’s done correctly.