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Scar repair with Dr. Cole


4 years ago had a strip hair transplant from an unprofessional Dr. in Israel. his results were not satisfying and I was left with pathetic front hair line, and a bonus scar on the back of my head.

As I grew older I continued to lose more hair, and the hair graft that were transplanted were looking more visible and didn’t look natural.:angry:

At some point in my life after I got married and settled down, my hair was no longer an issue so I have decided to shave my head with a 0 clipper and accept my boldness with peace.

Although my hair lose does not bother me anymore I was left with a big scar which always raised questions when I met with new people.
I wanted to make this strip scar gone. After a research on the web I have decided to go with Dr. john Cole.

Dr. Cole is a true professional. He demonstrated a strong medical ethics, he was very honest all the way.

During the consultation he set the expectation with me of what is possible and what is not. His experience, his artistic view, and honesty really bought me on the first meeting.

He was not hesitating to present the unpleasant truth that it will take at least 2-3 procedures to deal with the scar, and that the end result might still be visible and I might need more procedures in order to provide the result I visualize in my mind, whatever I choose to do the scar will look much better and less visible even after 1 procedure .
Even when I tried to push for 1 procedure and move on, he didn’t attempt to mitigate his opinion and presented his view backing up with more facts till I comprehended the situation .

In this business there are a lot of crooks and unprofessional doctors that will feed you with what you want to hear just to score more profit. Choosing Dr. Cole with his attitude and knowing he is a pioneer in the hair transplant business especially with the FUE, faded away all my hesitations .

After the first procedure the scar visibility improved in 80%, and after the second procedure I really hope I can put behind the mistake I made 12 years ago, and move on without providing silly excuses to people who ask me about the scar.

The day of the procedure went smooth, the procedure was completely painless and was over after 5 hours with a lunch break in the middle.
The staff at Dr. Cole’s clinic are AMAZING, I felt really good at their hands the girls who worked on my head were really nice, gentle and most important professional.

A special thanks to the AMAZING LUBA the anesthetic nurse who made the whole process completely painless she was gentle, caring and a great conversion person who helped me to kill the time, and came to check on me every now and than.

I also felt great among the non medical staff who surrounded me ( The receptionist, The photographer- "Ronen the GEVER”, and other people whom I met. I really felt comfortable and relaxed among his staff)

Needless to say that Dr. Cole himself is the one who actually does the harvesting with his own hands ( not a robot or a Dr. assistant like other clinics).

He chose grafts from different area’s in the head, so when I shave my head there will be no white spots always thinking ahead of the natural look, he selected grafts which has the better chance to survive in the scar tissue, and he used different size of holes based on his experience to plant them back in the scar.

The procedure itself was painless, the staff was friendly and caring and Dr. Cole himself projects comfort and professional confidence that your are in good hands.

During my second procedure (15 month AFTER the first) Dr. Cole took special care of me and he decided to fix the unnatural look of my front line this was done without extra charge just based on his good will. He also injected a mixture cells called ACEL that help the donor area and the recipient area to heal faster and improve their survival chances, also that was done without me asking , it was a nice bonus that was a really really nice gesture .

I would definitely recommend each person to do a thorough research before deciding to take such procedure, I must say from my point of view I have FULL satisfaction from my choice to go with Dr. Cole. He got what it takes to be successful in this business – he is honest, sharp, creative, professional, knows to listen, knows skin and hair and bring great results. I highly recommend him.


Why didn’t he use beard grafts? Isn’t beard supposed to be the most robust for scar repair.


Can you post some pics of your scar? How many grafts did you end up getting?