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Scalp Tricho Pigmintation?


I haven’t been on one of these forums in a few years so please forgive as I can’t find a “search” field to look up previous discussions.

I had about 3000 grafts with Dr. Jerry Cooley 10 years ago, which was good; and another transplant with Latham’s Hair Clinic in Alabama (not good).

But I’m back looking as I’m 52 and my hair has continued to thin and I’m noticing it now more. How about Dr. Shapiro and the pigmentation? Anyone happy with that method? I’m mainly looking to fill in my front half and do something about my large crown balding area. Cooley told me I had enough for one more 3,000 graft session.

Thanks in advance!


From what I know, scalp pigmentation is not permanent, you have to keep going back for touch ups.


Not all SMPs are temporary. Mark Weston claims that their technique is permanent.


My System is a patented one-session and permanent method. No touchups, no scheduled reapplications or routine maintenance. You can read about the differences between my System and multi-session applications:

Here is a link that describes the differences in various types of scalp micropigmentations: