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Sapphire Fue - 5500 Graft - Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu

I want to share my Turkey hair transplant adventure .
On July 2019 Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu performed my hair transplant operation with Sapphire Fue Technique.

Directly Dr.Mehmet opened my channels and rest of operation he supervised all process.
Dr.Mehmet and his team implanted totally 5500 graft on my head.

My hair transplant operation took long time (10 hours) but all process finished in one day.

Until operation finish, every minute Dr.Mehmet was in the operation room. It is impressed me because generally a lot of hair transplant patients complain for same thing;Doctor only drew my hairline and after that left from operation room and after that we did not see any doctor.

Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu openned my micro-channels directly himself. He used Sapphire Blades (Sapphire Fue Technique) for openning channel process and he supervised rest of my all operation processes.

In Turkey very few hair transplant doctors can apply Sapphire Fue Technique and Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu one of these hair transplant doctors.

I am happy for my choice because When I research another doctors in Turkey generally they said nearly 3000-3500 graft is suitable for me but I wanted much more graft because I was wanting dens package operation. Dr.Mehmet implanted totally 5500 graft on my head and I am happy for this.

Finally one of my friend (from Singapore) adviced Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu to me. One year ago my friend choosed Dr.Mehmet for his operation and now he is very happy for operation result.

Nearly 45 days passed from my operation and these are my last head photos.
I will share my head photos every month.

Thanks for everything to Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu and his amazing team.

Could you share us your head advance ?
Did shocking hair loss start ?

One months ago Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu (Diamond Hair Clinic) operated one of my friend with Sapphire Fue Technique.

I follow my friend advance very closely because If I see good advance I will go to Turkey for Dr.Mehmet hair transplant operation in next month.

If you share your advance with me it will be helpful. Thanks.

hello harry, Yes shocking hair loss process has started. I use special vitamin regularly and I use shampoo per a two day.

I comply completely Doctor Mehmet Demircioglu’s advices about after operation and I am wondering my result like everyone. For example I want to continue my body building process but doctor mehmet said me after the operation 3 months you can not do body building and I listen to him about this subject.

Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu said me you should wait at least one year after the operation for seeing exact operation result.