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RT1640 promote new stem cells, FDA trial involving 600 patients?


Does anyone have updates on this? On their website it says they had gone through FDA trial already with 600 test patients??

"RT1640 is made up of three small molecule drugs that together synergize to act on three distinct pathways in hair biology. One drug promotes the growth and migration of new stem cells, one drug promotes the commitment of the follicular stem cells to become new hair and one protects the dermal papilla from the effects of DHT. RT1640 has been formulated to enhance penetration through the skin, to make it available to the hair follicles. "

Here’s the website


Looks kind of sketchy to me. Very bold claims but seriously lacking in details.


I agree their website looks amateurish but then if you dig deeper, Dr. Elaine Fuchs is on their advisory board, I think Fuchs is a big name in hair research.

Yeap, another option - Hair Loss Treatment Way 316606

The 14 weeks pic on their website look amazing !


Yes amazing before and after photo, that’s what caught my attention. Does anyone know what RT175 is?

According to their website the treatment is made up of 3 ingredients:

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Cyclosporine A, I think this is related to the osteoporosis drug
  3. RT175

What is RT175, has this been discusssed before?


Cyclosporine is toxic.