Rome, Italy - December 4th - Free Hair Transplant Consultations - Forhair

Dr. Cole and Dr. Insalaco will offer free consultations in Rome, Italy on December 4, 2016.
Contact us for details:
Call 1-800-368-HAIR (4247) - or 678-566-1011

@forhair consultations in Rome and surgery in the U.S?

Thank you for your interest, yes there will be surgery in Rome Milan Atlanta and Miami to choose from. Contact us for more details

Thanks for raising this question. It maybe obvious to those who are familiar with the process but I find it confusing and sometimes misleading (not intentionally) when clinics do not specify that surgery can only be performed at certain locations and that may not necessarily be the same location where consultations take place.

Good points guys, i will make sure to add this important information next time. :slight_smile:

@forhair Dr. Cole now has surgical facilities in Rome, Milan and Miami?


Yes, he does