Roger-that, are you saying that if Histogen releases HSC in 2013

in some foreign country you would wait years longer to get the treatment???

Roger_that I am the first to admit that you are very wise and very knowlegable. Dont you think that there’s even the slightest chance that you’re being contrare partly because you know you’re more knowlegable than the rest of us so you are perhaps you might be being a tad overzealous in making sure you plug (no pun intended) every last hole since you know that the rest of us might miss important details? That’s not to say that I’m 100% sure that you’re wrong but the things you’re saying are obviously a tad disconcerting so that’s why I would like to ask you if maybe there is even the slightest chance that maybe you are over-reacting a little because you want to be sure you leave no stone unturned since you know you are probably the most biolgically knowlegable person in the fori and so you feel a little responsible to go the extra mile and maybe a little beyond the extra mile. Is that possible?

I really don’t see the major cancer threat that you see. Of course I understand that almost anything in too much abundance can cause cancer but really Roger-that would 4 - 6 injection dates over 6 months really be too much HSC??? I really don’t think so. Since we know that almost anything in too much abundance can cause cancer I will agree that too much HSC might cause cancer but what are you using for a yardstick to determine how much is too much HSC???

Here’s my answer:

I would observe how much hair people seem to be growing with HSC.

I would VERY SERIOUSLY DOUBT that it’s enough hair to get excited about.

I predict the results will be EXTREMELY disappointing.

Mark my words, people here are massively over-hyping this.

Hear me now, believe me later. Implied in your question is that HSC will be a decent treatment that will grow a decent amount of hair, worth the trouble of traveling to Singapore or wherever and paying whatever fee they charge, and risking whatever dangers there are of toxicity and/or cancer. (Actually I would have absolutely no trouble going there, in fact I’ve always wanted to go to Singapore.)

But implied in your question is the assumption that HSC will be a worthwhile treatment, and I want to tell you the fundamental assumption of your question is wrong.

It won’t be.

They got 40-something percent regrowth with the 2nd study which involved the larger dose and just one repeat injection. 40-something percent. That is better than anything else that’s legally available right now. If I got 40-something percent more hair it would change the way I look, and I mean for the positive. And that is with just one repeat f/up injection. What happens with a 2nd repeat f/up injection, and what about a 3rd, or even a 4th??? I think you’re seeing the end of baldness.

Roger-that tell me what would 40% more hair on your head do for your appearance? And what if you got another 20% (60% total) with one more repeat injection? And what if still another repeat injection got you to 80% more hair??? We are talking about a lot of hair if it can be compounded that far out.

For women the 2nd injection date resulted in total reversal of hair loss. What if another couple injection dates and we got the same total reversal???
It’s easier to reverse female hair loss than male hair loss so for all we know all we have to do is add a few more repeat injections and this nightmare will finally be behind us.

Please tell me what is cool about Singapore because if that is where I end up having to go to get it then I hope there will be cool things to do besides hair injections. You seem to know about Singapore so fill me in.

First of all, I don’t believe their “40 percent” figure at all, I think that’s a gross, blatant exaggeration. They have shown no proof of 40 percent regrowth.

We know they have provided some photos of new hair. But if they had really regrown 40 percent of the hair on someone, they would have shown that photo as well. Why show photos of a few hairs regrown, but not of this big claim of 40 percent regrowth? It doesn’t make any sense.

They’re just making these wild exaggerated claims and people are eating it all up, believing all those claims. Show us the photos.

Hairsite forums are mickey mouse to start with but now they are totally messed up. You can’t edit so if you want to add some evidence later to back up your claims you can’t do it. You better make sure your posts are exactly as you want them when you post them because the moron who runs Hairsite can’t get his act together.

OK, you can give us your answer now. I believe HairSite has fixed the problems.

Suffice it to say that those pics in the round lighting that show the before and after photos of the guys with short hairs do indicate a large amount of regrowth. I do believe that it looks like it could easily be 40% regrowth. I’m satisfied that they are not lying. I think it’s very unfair for you to impugn their character since they are making their photos very public and they are using hair counts. I do not question their honesty or integrity at all. I just question their willingness to think outside the box so they can get it to us asap. I think they are a very open and honest group of people. I just wish I could get them to think of ways to get it to us asap because a lot of people are suffering.