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Rogain Foam & Proscar


Hi, Im entering the 10th year of my hairloss battle…

I have used proscar for 6 years and minox for 8 years. Along with stages of using dr lee retin-a and spiro.

Hair was great up until 3 years ago when major problems in my life made me get unconsitentent with the proscar and minox with stages of taking none for 3+ months.

Now, I used to take 5mg proscar per day, worked well. Anybody here take large doses? I started taking 2.5mg per day consistantly now.

With minox, I ordered some Rogain foam and it is great to use, have heard some bad things about it in the forum, Do people think i should use the foam in the morning and the regular alc version in the night just to be sure?

Have not been to this forum in ages, used to be on alt.baldspot and every forum i could find for years hehe, Anything new? I see nizoral cream is suposed to be good, is it the same as this here http://www.homepharmacy.com.au/products/products_view.cfm?ProductID=2582
I used nizoral 1% previously and it really did seem to stop my shedding.