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Rivertown Therapeutics and RT1640




Any idea of when this will be released?


from their website: “Two of the three active agents in RT1640, cyclosporine A and Minoxidil, are FDA approved and off patent. They are known to be safe for use on the skin, and there are thousands of people-year exposures to these drugs. The third active ingredient in RT1640, is a new chemical entity (NCE) called RT175. Created by one of the RiverTown co-founders, it has been tested in over 600 humans in FDA sanctioned clinical trials. RT175 has an outstanding safety profile, with no serious adverse events associated with its use.”

But they never mentioned what exactly is RT175.


some posters on Hair talk thought it might be a molecule named GM1485 from Gliamed. http://www.gliamed.com


The two sets of before and after pics in the article look like the hair has been grown out longer and combed over in such a way that it looks there’s still hair loss and it’s being hidden intentionally.