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Results are in! Top ranked hair transplant clinics worldwide

Results are IN!
Top ranked hair transplant clinics worldwide!

This has evolved into a much anticipated annual tradition at HairSite. Every year we compile hair restoration patient results to commemorate doctors and clinics who are not afraid to showcase their work in our community.

We have now finalized the cumulative statistics from inception through Dec 31, 2014. Every clinic earns a point for exhibiting their patient results in our forum.

While this is by no means the definitive guide for choosing the best hair restoration clinic for your needs, we do believe that it provides an objective platform for identifying clinics who are able to produce consistent results over an extended period of time. This alone is very important in helping our readers with their research.

-who is the top ranked hair transplant doctor/clinic?
-who is top ranked in Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Turkey, UK and the world?
-who is top ranked in New York, Toronto and other major cities in the world?
-who is the top ranked STRIP exclusive clinic in the world?

Wait no more, click World’s TOP RANKED hair transplant clinics.

Very useful thank you!

anyone who is considering a hair transplant of any size who does not spend one of their day’s of hard and intelligent research and time visiting the armani clinic in beverly hills and meeting dr baubac is making a very big mistake.

i have no dog in this hunt. i have nothing to gain personally other than simply saying that what he is capable of doing is pure, unreal artistry. magical actually.

i look in the mirror every day and cannot believe that he was able to take 4300 hairs and move them basically one at a time and re create my head of hair. i stare under serious lights trying to see even one graft that looks like it was grafted.

so do yourself that favor and visit him. it was the single best decision i have made in my life

Thank you for sharing useful information to all members especially those who are looking for hair transplantation across the world.

Quote: “Every clinic earns a point for exhibiting their patient results in our forum.”

That’s really not a good criteria for deciding which clinic is “best”. It just rewards the clinics which do the most self-promotion.

Just got back on site, don’t want trouble!! Not sure about this I have had
surgery world wide and all over the good ole U.S.A. Probably 30 surgeries, a
lot of mistakes and still learning every day!!! Would be glad to share with
anyone who want’s to talk.

Wow you had 30 surgeries?

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