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Result of Beard Hair Transplant with 1800 Grafts (Dr Kapil Dua)


Total Grafts – 1800
Technique – FUE
Result After 8 Months

A 30yr old man presented with the complaint of irregular growth of hair in the beard area. The history of traction and infection in this area was ruled out. The patient opted for Beard reconstruction by FUE technique. He was given 1800 grafts ( which had 4031 follicles) from the scalp. The extraction was like any other FUE case. But, the slit making was slow owing to the laxity of the skin on the face. So, stretch was applied on the scalp to make the skin taut. The implantation was also slow because of the before mentioned reason as well as also it was difficult for the placers to position their hands and had to change the position of the face quite frequently. The HT surgery was uneventful and the patient went home in a a satisfactory condition. We are hereby sharing the pictures of the patient on the day of surgery and 8 months following the procedure. The patient is happy with the overall result of his surgery.