Result of 5000 grafts on NW Class 5 – Giga Session – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Christina

HDC Hair Clinic is about to present a series of Giga session results, starting today.

This is a 31 years old NW Class 5 patient who wanted to cover an area of his baldness so that the result would look natural, have a good density, and not look half finished.

This could only be achieved by taking as many grafts as possible. This 5000 grafts case is presented 8.5 months after surgery, in great detail. With photos before, post op of donor and recipient, as well as the result 8.5 months after surgery. There are also a few videos, but we can’t post them here. We will prepare a YouTube video link later.

Please notice the following:

  • Punching evenly spread over the whole donor.
  • Grafts evenly distributed in the recipient area with correct angle and pattern.
  • Full growth of transplanted hair.
  • Donor area looks almost the same after taking 5000 grafts away.
  • The naturality of the result. Hairline, hair direction and blending all nicely together.

Hair Transplantation is a lifetime decision. It determines your appearance and personality. Make the correct decision about how to proceed. Avoid risks. Choose certainty!


Immediately after

2 days after

1 week after

Donor Before post op and After 1 month

8.5 Months after

WOW ! it’s unbelievable to see such a great result of 5000 grafts …

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As we said in the 1st thread of this post, we have a few videos of the result and we can’t post videos in the forum. So we will prepare a YouTube video for this case. So we did kept our promise, and this is the link. in Addition of talking about this case of 5000 grafts in a single visit, we also talk about HDC Hair Clinic’s work and identity:

Thank you🙏🏻