Result for 3300 grafts on NW 3 patient – 7 Months after – HDC Hair Clinic

A patient who had lost hair at the front of his head but still had some in the middle got a hair transplant. We carefully added new hair around the area where his hair was thickest. Just 7 months later, he sent us photos showing he’s really happy with how it looks. We’re sharing photos from before, right after the surgery, and the final result.

Here are the key points:

• Our medical team, led by Dr. Christina, used 3,300 hair grafts to make sure the result looked full and natural.

• The punching of the donor was equally spread over the used area with the smallest possible punch used for the type and thickness of hair of this patient, thus leaving minimal scarring and trauma to the donor area

• We placed the hair at just the right angle and pattern, so it looks like the patient’s own hair, and he can style it easily.

• We made the new hairline at the perfect height and shape for a 31-year-old, making it look natural.

Getting the best results in hair transplants requires top-notch skills and a team that pays attention to every little detail. Rushing won’t get you the quality you deserve.

Remember, a hair transplant is an investment for life!


Immediately after

7 Months after

We have prepared some comparison photos for better presentation of this result.
See them below: