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Restoring and Lowering of Hairline Result – 2000 grafts - HDC Hair Clinic


Hi Everybody,

This patient who is 35 years old had a receding hairline which he tried to correct with micropigmentation without satisfactory results.

HDC restored his hairline by slightly lowering the temples as it can be seen from the photos with the design below using 2000 grafts.

The grafts had to be dense packed in order to match the high volume of his hair behind the hairline. With dense packing in this case a natural cosmetic outcome blending the implanted with the existing hairs has been achieved.

His result is presented by before, immediately after and 15 months after photos of his hair transplantation.

Photos send to HDC by the patient who is living abroad.






These Treatment has change your look and it is very different to see you scalp with strong hair ,2000 graft is almost make you scalp better with lots of hair ,These hair transplant has change many people life ,Hair transplant allow better and natural hair to your scalp these treatment consist many method that are best for all hair problem.




Hello Everybody,

We have also prepared a small you tube video with the presentation of this result. Please click on the following link to view.



Hi Everybody,

You can watch below the patient describing his hair loss experience and hair transplant journey with HDC hair clinic.




I haven’t posted much lately, it seems that all of a sudden a lot of clinics are posting really nice results. If all clinics are operating at such high level of standards these days, the deciding factor is just price then.