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Restasis is generic version of Cyclosporine ophthalmic. It is applied externally for “dry eye syndrome”. For the eyes, it is recommended to be applied once every 12 hours. Every vial is 3ml and I would say conservatively 1.5ml will give your entire scalp decent coverage using an eyedropper of course. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory the same time so you kill 2 birds with one stone. I would dilute every bottle to 6ml to extend days of usage with alcohol and ppg to give yourself a 2.5% solution or you can go even lower. I thinking this should be applied before or after getfitnib 2 hours apart. This one of the place that sells it with no prescription:


Does anybody know if you use this type of cyclo – it has cyclo as 0.05% active in its ingredients. I can be totally off here but I’m searching. You can also try to get cyclo pills and crush/mix that up in a topical.