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Response to Dr. Baubac


This is for Dr. Baubac’s Armani clinic,

Looks like the admin here found my other thread a bit too much for him to handle and decided to close it. But moving on…

At any rate, I appreciate the links. But regarding searching on this site, most of the results of patients I’ve looked up were posted by the Armani clinic, NOT by patients themselves. This is why I found it strange and wanted to know why this was so since the industry is wrought with many “inconsistencies” that I’m sure you are well aware of.

As for my demeanor, I wasn’t aware that I was “attacking” you so personally. No one has ever pointed this out to me. In the future I’ll be more careful not to upset your sensitivities.

Respectfully, I would like to get in contact with actor Dean. I got questions to ask him about his experience which I’m sure will help me in my research before I decide to schedule an appointment with Baubac. As a serious clinic I’m confident you understand a potential patient’s needs to the degree that you will provide this info to further his research you’ve strongly recommended, especially when he’s considering your clinic for his next procedure. I’ll be waiting for that and as such I appreciate your patience.

All the best.


The Patient has permitted us to use his commercial videos to showcase his result but has requested that his personal contact information not be given out.