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Researchers are still trying to find fixes for hair-inductivity problem

Below is one reason why I think Tsuji may not have solved the hair-inductivity problem yet. Note that Replicel is still looking for ways to solve the hair-inductivity problem. Lots of scientists are still looking for ways to solve the hair-inductivity problem. As far as I know only Stemson has found a work-around the hair-inductivity problem. Anyway Tsuji said he has solved the hair-inductivity problem but I think he was just projecting that he would solve the problem and he hasn’t really solved the problem yet. IMO that would explain a lot of what’s been going on with his research. Anyway, here’s a report showing Replicel is still trying to find a solution to the problem -


Looks like Dr Fukuda’s group at Yokohama National University has done it by culturing the cells with dimethylpolysiloxane, an ingredient McDonald’s uses in its French fries (see below). I think they’ve patented this technique so others can’t use it.

I agree with you, it seems like Tsuji was exaggerating where he was in his research, probably to secure funds.

Also, there’s Dr Christiano’s research

Fukuda’s patent


This is two years old. Do we know whether Dr Christiano has made any progress in the meantime?


I would suggest wounds that are cross bald and non-bald spots, i.e., crossing the frontier line. Such as perpendicular lines of wound of 2 cm. Perpendicular to the line of separation between non-bald top of the temples and the start of the bald crown. Afterwards the spots around the wound should be irritated daily with a cure-dents or a luffa. Dont forget to disinfect the cure-dent and/or the luffa. Mahdi.

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