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RepliCel to build world class Hair Follicle Cell Data Map


RepliCel announces it will collaborate with University of British Columbia (Canada) to build a world class Hair Follicle Cell Data Map.


"the project will analyze array data from select subjects who participated in RepliCel’s phase I/IIa clinical trial of its RCH-01 product in development for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia which completed earlier this year. This includes data from patients who had the best clinical hair growth response at six months and a sustained positive response at 24 months.

In the study with UBC, the gene expression profiles of the cultured cells from these clinical trial subjects who had a strong hair growth response will be compared to the gene expression profile of subjects who had a reduced hair growth response. The analysis is anticipated to allow RepliCel to better identify specific genes with high or low expression in the cultured cells that correspond to strong hair growth promotion."

You can read the full press release at:


??? maybe I had it wrong but I thought phase II was completed last year already and they were just collecting data.