Replicel news

It’s really funny that Shishedo is getting involved in a biotech startup. Shishedo is a cosmetics firm. This is kind of like the L’Oreal thing.

I was just thinking which is dangerous but replicel’s approach appeared to be very successful in mice; however, they (aleast from my view) failed when applying to humans. Maybe they should study the follica patent and go from there. Maybe it is the FgF9 thing that is preventing human success. I really like them and hope they are very sucessful. They are very open about what they are dong and what they are trying to achieve.

They are not open at all. They haven’t told us how they’re going to maintain trichogenicity in vitro, whether they’re revitalizing or creating follicles de novo, how they’re going to get over the deficit of progenitor cells. So many questions.

I have no idea why people think Replicel is so open.