Repair Hair Transplant with limited donor (A220) - 10 mths update

Repair Hair Transplant with limited donor (A220) - 10 mths update

This patient had gone through a hair transplant procedure from some other clinic by FUT/strip method. The procedure results were not up to his expectation as seen by the size of FUT strip & final result. So, he came to Dr. A’s Clinic for repair after doing his research.

Total Grafts = 6911 FUSE/fue (10 months update.)

Head = 2305

Beard = 4228

Armpit = 138

Public = 240

Grafts were put at a higher density in front to create a youthful hairline and then tapering as one goes to the crown swirl (reason – limited donor).

Comparison picture 1.

Full-length strip scar of previous surgery from other clinic.


Comparsion pictures

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Before pictures




After pictures



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The results has been finaminol it should be as the surgey of hair trnaplant has been done very nicely it’s very cool to have such a nice surgery…

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