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Repair Case result – Repair of plugged look - 2000 FUE grafts – HDC Hair Clinic Cyprus


This patient had a bad strip micrografting in Greece for 1500 grafts to the hairline. He had a plug effect result and a strip scar and he wanted to make it look as natural as possible. The patient is only 27 years old but without any aggressive hair loss. We, at HDC Hair Clinic have placed FUE grafts in all the previously plugged area and on the scar, for 2000 grafts.
HDC explained to the patient that these repair cases can give a better look, but it is not like the result if working on a virgin scalp. Fortunately, it turned out great for him and we present his case below.
It useful to be noted that this patient presented his case in the Greek forum (www.hairlossgr.com )from day one.


Immediately After

9 Months after


Wow what a difference. Clearly a successful repair. I know folks in similar situations or worse and repair has not been this good. This doctor did a great job!