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Repair advice


I have followed the forum for a long time and went for a FUE procedue last year.

It was in my opinion an easy task to ad 1000 grafts in the front and temples, i had my hairline but it was very thin.

The result was very sharp as the clinic placed the grafts in 90 degree direction straight up in the middle and also a lot of two and thirds in the frontal area. In my left temple the grafts are also placed 90 degrees up

Om my right side the grafts are placed in all kind of direction as the doctor was drunk or something.Impossible to have any kind of hairstyle as it is lika a birdnest

I have attached a picture om my right side that I need to get repaired and I need advice how they should repair and which hairs that should be left and in which direction.

At this moment i cant say the clinics name until the dispute is cleared

Btw, the clinic says that the result is very natural


I wonder what density he gave you, it looks very sparse unless you lost some of your own hair after the hair transplant.