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Remember, Wounding Can Also Cause Scar Tissue

First, I’d like to ask, how the Hell do you “wound” the scalp to induce this WNT process (if it works at all)?

Is just a prick with a needle enough?

Very doubtful.

Do you stab the scalp with a tiny knife? Maybe a diamond knife or something?

Sounds ridiculous. How big do you make the wound? Do you draw blood?

Or do you wound the scalp with a laser?

Do you take a chance and dermabrade the entire balding area?

In any event, wounding human flesh tends to create scar tissue. And, in general, follicles have a real hard time growing in scar tissue.

I think people are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion and imagining it’s the long sought-after cure for Male Pattern Baldness, when it’s really a highly abstract, theoretical discovery concerning the induction of specific cellular processes. No real, terminal, anagen, cosmetically acceptable hairs were formed! Basically what happened is that they got dermal cysts, and small, partially-formed, follicle-like structures forming in the skin of the mice.

You think that’s a cure for baldness? I’ve got news for you, this is wishful thinking. If you think this has a better shot at curing human baldness than HM, I’ve got some beach front property for you on Mars.

» First, I’d like to ask, how the Hell do you “wound” the scalp to induce
» this WNT process (if it works at all)?

you walk around new york at night, turn into a dark alley.

some guy will jump you and wound you real good.

next day, either you are on your way to a full head of hair. or you are on the way to the mortician.


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