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Remember, to get any "procedure" or "device" that uses a drug approved


Don’t let the “device” aspect of Pilox throw you off. To get any device or procedure that uses a drug (or any chemical in contact with or being put into the skin) approved for use in the US, Pilox (or whoever) would have to go through the ENTIRE “investigational new drug” (IND) or “new drug application” (NDA) procedure with the FDA, and full clinical trials, that would take years and years, just like it did for Rogaine, Propecia, etc. – regardless of whether the drug is already known and approved for something else. Just getting it approved specifically for hairloss would take years. The same thing goes for all Western countries.

And the flip-side of the coin is that it is very, very likely that if the Pilox device really works at all (VERY questionable and with no real, reliable evidence – only photos of some uncertain source which are attributed to Pilox by hearsay) – it would absolutely require such a drug to work, and would not be able to work at all in the absence of that drug.

The only way I could see getting around that is by using an existing approved drug with the device, but who knows if that would work?

But even the device itself would have to be separately approved, like the laser comb was.

Just some things to consider…


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