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Regarding Dr Nigam\'s Medical Credentials (proof and link)


For all the mindless haters out there who are somehow parrotting an allegation made by one of Dr. Nigam’s competitors, Dr. Anjali, that he isn’t really a doctor and really practices some kind of Indian Vedic healing (not medicine), here is a copy of Dr. Nigam’s official qualification as a licensed medical doctor in India, from the Indian national physicians database:

View IMR Details
Name Nigam Vivek
Father/Husband Name
Date of Birth Year of Info 1998
Registration No. 86928 Date of Reg. 23/06/1998
State Medical Council Maharashtra Medical Council
Qualification MBBS Qualification Year 1983
University Name U.Barkatullah
Permanent Address D-1/38, Vishwabharati Society, Khada, Sardar Vallabh Patel Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 53.

Furthermore, here is the link to the database page which links the above, showing that Dr. Vivek Nigam is licensed with the State of Maharashtra’s Medical Council:


Here’s a link to the university where Dr. Nigam studied:


It’s funny how this whole controversy started with Dr. Anjali, who used to work for Dr. Nigam and had a legal dispute with him, and lots of people on this board are parrotting this allegation that Dr. Nigam’s not a licensed physician, without offering any proof.

Please, if you’re going to spread outright misinformation and falsehoods like that on HairSite, just go away!