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Really good news



I wish they provided more details, all we know is University of miami, maybe this be the one that he was enrolled in?



I wish it were true but I seriously doubt it. While I know they’ve been able to reverse aging in mice, I still think we’re a long way to a cure for humans.

If we live long enough then we might be around when they do develop it. We’re composed of cells, which are technically immortal but are designed to breakdown after a certain period of time.

Once they can figure out how to keep them young indefinitely then it’ll be just a matter of doing the same within our bodies. I was at my peak of fitness and good looks at around 25 and would love to return to that state.

Hopefully they come up with something sooner rather than later. But I’ll be happy if they can just cure baldness, then when I get fit again, I’ll still look quite good, but currently not so great.


I don’t believe a word.


I disagree. It take money and vision. He has both. Stem cells are the future. I am wondering if the Bahama’s are out of the jurisdiction of the FDA??? He has the money to build a research facility second to none, hire the best in world and eliminate the 10 year period and millions it takes to get solutions to the market.