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Dear Raptor,
My office has emailed them at the listed email address. However, we have not, yet, recieved a reply. Maybe, they are busy.

Meantime, we have looked up on similar products already on the market.
That is, the first generation SIS wound healing matrix.

Unfortunately, the company seems to have discontinued production, as per their distributors. I have not been able to get in direct touch with the Cook biotech company.

Dr. A

Dr. Arvind,

I spoke with them via the telephone. It took two phone calls to get someone on the phone who could answer my questions. This person was very helpful and did spend about 10 minutes answering my questions. I will e-mail you and give you my e-mail address. If there is anything that I can do to help you find the information you need, please let me know.


Cook Pharma probably ceased production because they were one of the two entities that brought about lititgation against Acell (the other being Purdue University). Acell won across the board and are free to begin manufacturing however I was told that manufacturing may not start for a full year.

Joe, do you have an update on this?


Hi Joe,

I was just wondering if you have found out any more information about Acell on your end. I am going to call them again this week and try to get some answers to questions for Dr. Arvind. Is there anyting that you would like me to ask them also? Are your Doctors showing any interest in Acell? You can reply here or e-mail me directly.



I’m checking up on it soon but I have no updates regarding this case.


Yeah, we’re interested, but since there is no production scheduled anytime this year it’s not really at the top of anyone’s itinerary at this point. I’ll be keeping in touch with them over the next several months though just to kinda keep on top of things. If I learn anything I’ll be glad to share it.

Kind of you to do so sir.

» Kind of you to do so sir.

My pleasure, Benji. I can’t say I’m looking into this for all of you alone. I’m always a patient too:)As a patient, I find the potential to be quite exciting yet at the same time I’m being realistic about it. Unlimited donor? Doubtful. Completely scar free healing? That sounds more probable. Again, will keep you all updated.

I spoke with Acell today. Please check your e-mails.

Thank You,

» I spoke with Acell today. Please check your e-mails.
» Thank You,
» Raptor

I doubt i will see an unlimited donor in my lifetime.