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Rahal FUT - Norwood 2.5


30 year old patient came in to restore his receded hairline and receded temples.
Dr. Rahal designed a hairline without dropping the front, and adding density and adjusting the lateral temple angles part of the hairline. This allows more styling options.
Only 1810 grafts were used at a density of 55 grafts per cm².

Surgery type FUT

Zones Treated 1 and 2
Grafts Transplanted 1810 grafts
Recipient Graft Density 55 grafts/cm²
Recipient Hair Density 109 hairs/cm²

Graft breakdown
Single Hair 400 grafts
Two Hair 1010 grafts
Three Hair 400 grafts
Four Hair 0 grafts

TOTAL GRAFTS 1810 grafts
TOTAL HAIRS 3620 hairs
HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.0 hairs/graft