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Rahal FUE - Norwood 3.5


46 year old patient came in to restore his receded hairline and front area. He was headed to an isolated forelock with time. Dr. Rahal designed a hairline without dropping the front and adding density and adjusting the lateral temple angles part of the hairline, as well adding grafts behind the forelock. This created more uniformity and thus allows more styling options.

Only 2008 grafts were used at a density of 43 grafts per cm.

Surgery type: FUE

Recipient Area treated: 46 cm

Hair Caliber 55 micron
Zones Treated 1-4
Grafts Transplanted 2008 grafts
Recipient Graft Density 43 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density 95 hairs/cm

Graft breakdown
Single Hair 330 grafts
Two Hair 1035 grafts
Three Hair 578 grafts
Four Hair 65 grafts

TOTAL GRAFTS 2008 grafts
TOTAL HAIRS 4394 hairs
HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.18 hairs/graft