Radiant Restoration Revival: Dr. Rahal's FUE Magic - 2292 Grafts, 4535 Hairs

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Let’s dive into the intricate details of a remarkable FUE hair transplant journey that unfolded in May of 2022 under the skilled hands of Dr. Rahal. This patient embraced a total of 2292 grafts, a bounty yielding 4535 glorious hairs. The meticulous surgical breakdown ventures into different zones:

Here’s the breakdown of Follicular Units (FUs):

Zones Treated: 1, 2, 3

1-haired FUs: 373
2-haired FUs: 1596
3-haired FUs: 322
4-haired FUs: 1

The grand tally stands at 2292 grafts, fostering a lush mane of 4535 hairs.

Beyond the numbers, let’s explore additional key insights:

Recipient Area Size: 48cm²
Average Hairs per Graft: 2.0
Recipient Graft Density: 47 FU/cm²
Recipient Hair Density: 94 H/cm²
Hair Calibre: 67 Microns

Now, let’s meet the protagonist of this hair odyssey. At the time of the procedure, our patient was a youthful 25, waging a gradual war against hair loss since the tender age of 21. Enter finasteride and minoxidil, trusted allies in the battle for a glorious crown. Family history unveils a paternal lineage marked by hair loss, culminating in a Norwood class 3 saga.

Fast forward to post-op milestones: Emails from the patient at both the 8 and 12-month marks echo with satisfaction, sealing the success of this transformative journey.

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Best wishes for a continued journey of confidence and radiant locks,

Patient Advocate - Rahal Hair Transplant