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R163 | Total 5246 scalp FUSE/fue grafts - 2 years update | Dr. A’s Clinic

R163- Underwent total 5246 scalp FUSE/fue grafts- 2 years update -Dr. A’s Clinic
(Head=4509+ Beard=737 grafts)

Comparison picture

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Looks like a million dollar!

What is your view on bht today?
Some docs mention hair Death concerning bht. Any comment?

Price per graft?

Wow ! It’s sound very awesome I have never seen such a nice results of an hair transplant surgery for a person simply amazing …

My views are well documented here and we have been using body hair extensively.

Where and in what context did you hear the word hair death. Maybe some newbie doctor justifying lack of results or experience.
Please share links or start a separate post. I would be glad to discuss this.

Have to admit… very good result

I have read it several Places i think, here is one link about bht and hair Death after 2 years:

Haven’t heard of this doctor.
Couldn’t find any results nor website.
Atleast he has truthfully claimed that when HE extracts only 50% are intact etc.

Maybe, he never attended the ishrs presentation by our clinic on long term results of bht.

There is no such thing as hair death. One has to understand hair characteristics and how they do not change.

I will not go in detail as it will become too lenghty and repititive.
Please guide any such people who post about poor yield or hair death to our website www.fusehair.com where the detailed guidelines about BHT have been published more then a decade ago.

If some unfortunate doctors do not read that and get poor results, they should desist from publishing wrong information.
For readers, it is a request to do a background check of the doctor making unusual claims before spreading them.

Patient’s testimonial.

Woww this is an amazing result it completely changed his look
But do all the patients get a good result or are there any factors

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