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Question for "000nessuno"



Earlier in this thread you posted a couple of before/after photo’s from an Adipose Stem Cell hairloss treatment.

Can you provide a link to the story that provided those photo’s please?

I would like to know more about this patient. Was he talking on the Italian website or did someone just find a link?

I believe you said they were from an Italian hairloss website?

Thanks, Col.


are you still around ?


» Hi

No, i just found it on the web. The photos I posted concerned the case of an asian patient.
This similar tratment will be maybe out in Italy, provided by an American company called Cytori.
Other Cytori products are already available in Italy(lipolifting etc), but not in USA , because they aren’t FDA approved.
Anyway, i asked personally Centro Italiano di Chrurgia Estetica(http://www.centroitalianochirurgiaestetica.it/), which is the only center using Cytori products in our country,if the specific treatment for hair loss will be out.
They said to me that before commercializing it, they had to ascertain its efficiency. I never contacted them again, if you want a suggestion, don’t waste your time on these craps.
I dont’ really think this treatment can generate new hair follicles and honestly, even if insiders of Armani’s confessed to me they will probably have a real HM (not fat injecton or other bullsh***) till the end of this year, i don’t think nothing will gonna happen…Hair multiplication won’t be a reality, not in the near future, and other similar treatment are just scams…
The only way to stop baldness is getting antiandrogens like fina, duta, spironolactone or cyproterone acetate…

best wishes