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Question about getting HT abroad


Hi guys. So I’m from the States and I’m beginning the process of researching whether a hair transplant is feasible for me on a practical and financial level.

I have read that traveling abroad to countries like Turkey, Greece, Costa Rica, Thailand, India etc. can save up to 60, 70, even 80% of the cost of the procedure. Of course some of that is mitigated by travel expenses, but it would seem a net savings is still produced overall.

I know the most basic risk of going the economy route is having the procedure done poorly, so I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience to share on how to approach HT in the international market. If anyone has gone overseas for their procedure and can offer a perspective on some of the logistics, it would be very greatly appreciated. Really any thoughts at all are welcome.

Thanks guys!


I was wondering about the same thing myself, the photos posted by Asmed (Turkey) are very impressive, but then they are not really that cheap, last time I checked they charge about 5 Euro per graft, that is hardly a bargain.


Great input and advice everyone, what a huge help this was!


I don’t see why going abroad couldn’t work. Keep researching and narrow it down to a handful of clinics, then contact them and see if they have existing patients in the states that you might be able to converse with and/or see in person or on-line thru social media. Also even if you are not considering a very local Dr. it might be a good idea to go in and get a consult with him just to further some of your understanding. This is what my plan is. I live outside of Chicago and I’m planning on doing some local consults but most likely no work here.

I’m planning on having my work done overseas, just haven’t got my finances set up yet. I was going to be there financially by this coming Spring but I had an unexpected bill pop up that I had to take care of this Fall so I had to pull from my savings. My plan is to pay most of my procedure in cash (I hate interest).

But I think as long as you get all your ducks in a row, contact the clinics you’re interested in, see if you can meet former patients, talk to the clinic about typical travel arrangements etc. things should go fine. Of course make sure to get your passport, look at travel rates, crunch some numbers.

The main thing for me I think about is my time off work, recovery time, and then also traveling after I’ve had work done (showing up at customs with scabs all over my head, LOL.) My plan is to take 3 weeks off from work. 1 week for travel and procedure, and then 2 weeks to travel back and recover. This would kill my vacation time for that year though. But it’s part of the plan.

Good luck.


I think your best bet is to talk to other Americans who have gone to the same clinics you are considering. My #1 concern is hygiene and whether all the instruments are properly sterilized. Last thing i want is to contract HIV or other diseases because I am trying to save a few bucks.