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Purchased Lasercomb, will record experience


I recently bought a Lasercomb, and I thought I’d record my experience with it here. I’ll update monthly.

About me:

Began losing my hair at 18 (now 31), but I got on minoxidil and finasteride early, and have been able to maintain a cosmetically full (that is, it looks full, but isn’t) head of hair. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of shedding and my hair is visibly (though not significantly) thin when styled, so I thought I better branch out in my treatments. I am 31 years old and otherwise very fit.

I would characterize myself as a poor responder to monoxidil (I’ve never noticed any new growth on it, but I stay on it just in case), and an average responder to finasteride (again, never noticed any growth, but the hair I have is probably a testament to it, as I’m sure I’d be a NW4-5 by now without it). I am a diffuse thinner with a mature hairline (that is, no recession or reduction at the hairline or temples other than what is normal for a mature, non-balding adult male), but frontal thinning.

Current Regiment:

Minoxidil foam 2x a day
Proscar 2.5 mg 1x a day
Nettle/Saw Palmetto/Beta Sitosterol/Pygeum suppliment (Nature’s Benefit Prostate formula multi)

As a note, the herbal addition to my regiment is new and may contribute to any percieved benefit.


The comb is expensive, and I find it hard to see how they justify the cost. Its little more than a piece of plastic with a few lasers and two buttons. If laserpointers are basically free these days, I don’t know why this thing is so costly.

It is also not easy to use. You must use it 3 times a week for 15 minutes at a time, and it is a little inconvenient. You don’t simply run it through your hair like a comb, rather you hold it on your scalp for 4 seconds at a time, constantly moving it about your head (they recomend a front to back and side to side pattern). It think it would be much more useful if it were designed like a cap that one could put on their head (but I guess that would require more lasers, and presumably more expense).