Pumpkin Seed Oil Hair Growth Study

There is a new study that was published that suggested that the use of pumpkin seed oil may help to preserve your hair, somewhat similar to what finasteride does. As someone who is unable to use finasteride, I have ordered pumpkin seed softgels and will start using them next week. In the study, the participants took 200 mg in the morning and 200 mg in the evening.

I too am trying to stay away from Propecia. Please keep me posted, I am still looking for a truly effective alternative to Propecia, tried the caffeine regimen, saw palmetto, didn’t work, on my quest for the next .

Here’s a clinical study:

Effect of Pumpkin Seed Oil on Hair Growth in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Excerpt, results after 24 weeks of treatment:

" self-rated improvement score and self-rated satisfaction scores in the PSO-treated group were higher than in the placebo group ( P = 0.013, 0.003). The PSO-treated group had more hair after treatment than at baseline, compared to the placebo group ( P < 0.001). Mean hair count increases of 40% were observed in PSO-treated men at 24 weeks, whereas increases of 10% were observed in placebo-treated men ( P < 0.001)."

I have been taking 4000 milligrams a day for many years.

I can’t say that it increased growth, but it might have stopped hair loss. It definitely helps the urine flow, which I assume reflects its dht blocking effect.