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PRP treatment,hairloss and gym

Hi guys my first post here so i’m sorry if i am off topic some way. I am Norwood1.5-2 but i had thinning in temples and crown so i started PRP 4 months ago and i have good results by now so i will continue this treatment.

I want to ask 2 questions first of all i cant find much about PRP on hairloss forums so i would like to ask if it can stabilize my hairloss as long as i am doing it (I am not taking any other treatment like fina or minoxidil just a good shampoo with some natural DHT blockers).

My second question is, can weightlifting affect my condition in any way? I am not taking any supplement just the needed protein from foods. I love to push hard so i can force my muscles to grow thats why i am concerned about,if my body will produce more DHT and if that DHT can affect my hair if i continue doing PRP. Thanks a lot of for your time and sorry for my English.

There’s no medical study that I am aware of that says PRP can save your hair. Shampoo with supposed DHT blockers does not work. Only finasteride and minoxidil are proven to work, and there is evidence pumpkin seed oil, taken orally, works.

PRP wont cure baldness. I know 3 friends who’ve had it done periodically. They didnt see any results and lost their money. In the end PRP is not worth it.


Then why my hair have improved in density and are healthier?? I know it cant save you like a hair transplant if you are bald but it can repair the follicle damage.

Because the growth factors in prp stimulate the follicles ONLY temporarily. Afterwards it stops working. Its a short term band aid not a cure.

You tell me that if i still continue to do the treatment every 5 months is will get worse?

Theres so much prp can do within its limits. It may actually get worse if over time you keep sticking needles in your scalp that it’ll traumatize your follicles to the point where they cant take it anymore and just die.

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