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Proscar + Spironolactone 1 year. My two cents


Proscar + Spironolactone 1 year. My two cents.

Some background:

I am a 28 year old white male. Otherwise healthy. I started losing my hair at 21 and it has progressed slowly / steadily since then. The hairline seems to be ok, but the crown is forming a quarter-sized bald spot.

In the fall of 2006, I had lab tests for my testosterone / dht etc. My results are below:

DHT: 609.7 pg/ml (Reference range: 155 - 533 pg / ml)
Testosterone : 5279 pg/ml (Reference range: 1800 - 6650 pg / ml)

On April 1, 2007 I started the following daily regimen. And of April 1, 2008, I will have been on the following daily regimen for 1 year:

Proscar (Generic Teva) : 5mg
Spironolactone : 100mg


  • Hair loss has not slowed to any noticeable degree. Thin, wispy hairs still fall out at the crown.
  • Some frontal recession has progressed.
  • Skin and scalp have become less oily and less sebum is noticed, which is good.
  • Some gynecomastia has arisen. Not very much. Tolerable.

Conclusions / Questions

Basically I would like to try other things and am wondering what others have tried that works.

Specifically I am wondering about Avodart and what the opimal dose and timing is. I was thinking about the following regimen:

Avodart 0.5mg every other day
Finasteride 5mg every other day
Spironolactone 100 every day
Nizoral for shampoo
Minoxidil or Xandrox every day

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments?


!? How could you begin it all with 5mg fin + 100 mg spiro? i.e among the most powerful regimens? You’re a happy man if your sex drive is intact. Which it may not exactly be since you suffer from gyno.
If you observed no improvement hairwise, it may mean that your hairloss is not due to DHT alone, if any. I would:

  1. ease on both proscar and spiro dosage progressively down to the nominal 1mg daily dose (propecia) and eliminate spiro in the end.
  2. from now, add minox and topical spiro if needed.
  3. go round the natural forum and investigate about other possible causes of hairloss,that is giving a chance to fish oils, MSMand so on.

Your current regimen is sheer madness.
BTW, proscar + avodart is a very good recipe for enhancing your gyno problems. Believe my experience… And avodat is crap altogether. Way too risky. The last resort, in fact.


Let’s get one thing clear:

Finasteride is the most well-targeted DHT drug out there for hair gains.

In terms of the ratio between hairs gained versus side effects caused, everything else like Dut or Spiro is gonna be a step down from Fin.

Dut/Spiro might save more hair on the medical charts, but the side effects are logically gonna be worse than what you would have had if you had just taken Finasteride in high enough doses to get that given amount of hair gains.

Dut & Spiro only make sense for guys who can already tolerate several mg of Fin per day without getting intolerable side effects.